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XXXIVth International Congress of Law and Mental Health

Vienna, 12-17 July, 2015


The International Academy of Law and Mental Health (IALMH) is founded on the belief that issues arising from the interaction of law and mental health can be best addressed through multidisciplinary and cross-national approaches, drawing on law, the health professions, the social sciences, and the humanities. Every two years, the IALMH holds an International Congress on Law and Mental Health, bringing together the international community of researchers, academics, practitioners and professionals in the field, whose wide-ranging perspectives provide for a comprehensive look at important law and mental health issues. 

The official publication of the IALMH, the International Journal of Law and Psychiatry (IJLP), published by Elsevier Science, is now in its 38th year of production. It is the most highly respected publication of its kind in the field, and has an extensive distribution worldwide. The publications follow the terms of reference of the Congresses, although only a small number of papers presented find their way into the journal. The website for the IJLP can be found here. Professor David N. Weisstub, the Honorary Life President of the IALMH, is the founding Editor and continues as the Editor-in-Chief of the series. 

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