Payments for the Rome 2019 Congress may be made following the link below. Specify in the comments the full name and affiliation of the participant. If a single payment is made for multiple participants, list every person’s name and affiliation. 

Regular rate – 700 USD 

Student rate – 400 USD

STUDENTS must email us ( with valid ID proof in order to benefit from the reduced registration fee. 

Guest rates

If you will be accompanied during the Congress, your guest(s) must pay the following registration rates:

Entire Congress: $400 USD

Social events only: $250 USD

Single social event: $100 USD

* Please note we only accept VISA and MasterCard for payments. Payments will appear as BAMBORA or BAM on your statement.

** Please note that payments are non-refundable.

*** The IALMH is located in Canada. Depending on your bank, you might be charged international transaction fees. This is outside of our control.

**** Contact us at if an invoice is required or if you experience any issues with the payment system.