Lyon 2022


University of Lyon 3

July 3rd - 8th, 2022

We are all now looking forward to yet another milestone in the quality and breath of the scientific program.

The IALMH has already made extensive plans for accompanying social and musical events in it’s long-established tradition. Updates will be published in the upcoming months. 

It is an honour for us to receive your abstract submission and collaboration in developing sessions in your area of expertise. Please submit using the relevant form. 

Email if you have any questions

We are still accepting abstract submissions! The Congress has been postponed to the first week of July 2022 to ensurer safe travel and success with the musical and social events. 

Individual Submissions: 

If you wish to submit an individual presentation, please fill out the “Individual Submission Form”. We will add you to an existing session on a related topic. Abstracts must be between 150-200 words. The presentation should last 20 minutes. The Peer Review team will notify you when your submission has been accepted.

Note: If you are already part of a Session, you do not need to fill out this form. Please send your abstract to your Session Organizer who will submit on your behalf. 

Session Submissions: 

If you wish to organize a session, please fill out the “Session Submission Form”. As the Session Organizer, you are responsible for submitting the information and abstracts of all presenters in your session on this form. The required information for each presenter that will be needed can be found here. Each Session contains 4 to 5 presentations. Each presentation lasts 20 minutes. 

Therapeutic Jurisprudence Stream: 

 As in the tradition of the IALMH, there exists a Therapeutic Jurisprudence Stream. If you wish to submit an individual presentation or a session in this stream, please fill out the “TJ Individual Submission Form” or the “TJ Session Submission Form” respectively. Please contact Professor Yamada ( or Professor Kierstead ( with questions related to this stream. 


Disability, Law, and Society Stream: 

Linda Steele is the Organizer of the Disability, Law and Society Stream. If you wish to submit a presentation in this theme, please email For more information on this theme click here. 

Please select the form that applies to you:

Session Submission Form : 

For Session Organizers only. If you are part of a session please have your organizer submit on your behalf. 

Individual Submission Form : 

For individuals wishing to submit a single presentation and are not yet part of a session. 

TJ Individual Submission Form: 

For individuals wishing to submit a single presentation to the TJ stream and who are not yet part of a session. 

TJ Session Submission Form:

For Session Organizers only. If you are already part of a session please have your organizer submit on your behalf. 

A university in human and social sciences in the heart of Lyon

In the heart of Lyon – a city listed as World Heritage by UNESCO and the second largest university city in France -, the Jean Moulin University offers a space for learning and research centered on the human and social sciences with Bac + level training 2 to Bac +8. With 7 doctoral schools and 19 research units, it is developing interdisciplinary research, linked to major social issues.

Member of the University de Lyon – Community of Universities and establishments (COMUE) – it welcomes more than 29,000 students and offers a wide range of professional training courses, within the framework of quality studies, conducive to development intellectual and personal.

With more than 5,000 international students welcomed each year, numerous partnerships around the world and scientific cooperation projects with foreign universities, the Jean Moulin University marks its desire to internationalize by promoting student and teaching mobility.

Fully committed to socio-economic partners, the Jean Moulin University makes every effort to contribute to the success of students and their professional integration by promoting internships, work-study and entrepreneurship in particular.

A university open to the international

Resolutely open to Europe and the world, the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University is developing lasting partnerships with foreign universities, allowing its students to undertake international mobility projects: study stays, internships, gap year, off-site programs, double degrees, summer programs, etc. It also emphasizes the learning of foreign languages ​​in all of its fields.

The Faculty of Law, a center of excellence

The Faculty of Law delivers training at Bac + 3 to Bac + 8 level (License, Master, Doctorate) to students planning a legal or judicial career. It welcomes nearly 11,000 students per year within its walls.

Future lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, legal agents, business leaders, executives of the national and international public service frequent this benchmark institution created in 1875.

A strong link with the professional world

The Faculty of Law is recognized as the benchmark in terms of training by its partners, which are professional orders (lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, agents), or professional unions (Association Française des Juristes d’Entreprise, MEDEF, Syndicats des real estate professionals, French Insurance Federation…).

It works in close collaboration with professional schools: National School of Police Commissioners, National School of Magistrates, National School of Taxes …


Dear colleagues,

We send Passover and Easter greetings to all our IALMH friends! 

With the Holiday Season, we are pleased to present the draft program for our upcoming XXXVIIth IALMH Congress in Lyon, July 3rd-8th 2022. Despite COVID, we now have in excess of 200 Scientific Sessions and are collaborating towards the completion of the program which we expect will realize the levels of Rome, Prague and preceding Congresses. 

There is great optimism that we will all be reunited as an International Community in Lyon. It has been heartening to the IALMH group in Montreal to see the sustainable dedication that has been part of the IALMH spirit for now these many decades. 

Spring is upon us in beautiful Montreal.  Health and happiness to everyone! 

Sara Derbel
Associate Executive Director
International Academy of Law and Mental Health

Regular: $700 USD

Students and Psychiatric Residences: $450 USD

A link will be posted here when registration opens.