Abstract Book

The Abstract Book and Session Schedule can be found below.  To find your session, please download the documents as a PDF first, then use ctrl+f to search your specific session. Searches done in browser do not show accurate results. The schedule only shows session titles.

*Update: Please note that some session titles have been changed. Some sessions may have been moved to another time slot within the same day. Those who submitted individual presentations may have been placed in a different session. Please take a careful look at your schedule and contact us immediately if there is a time conflict.

The Abstract Book will be updated periodically with new additions. 

You will note that a number of sessions are currently in progress. This means that they are currently under review or are in the process of being filled. If your or your colleagues would like to contribute to one of these sessions, please feel free to contact us. 

This schedule only shows session titles. To find in which session you have been placed, please use the Abstract Book.  If you find the font too small, simply zoom-in and you will be able to read the session titles. 

If you notice any scheduling conflict, please contact us (congress@ialmh.org).